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Scope note: bronze or silver utensil used to draw liquids, made up of a cup-like container and a verticle or horizontal handle, which could be long or short. The length of the handle or the shape of the cup could vary; this belongs to the category of eathenware used in the kitchen, among the numerous containers used for drinking, at times particularly precious; the dipper is one of the most common utensils in Vesuvian contexts; a specific type is the “lavatory” dipper, generally linked to a toiletry set and therefore connected to taking care of the body. These dippers are rather shallow cups, with wide openings and a flat handle fastened horizontally. Small glass dippers with vertical handles (from a height of 9-12 cm), resembling the metallic types, were used to decant perfumes and ointments, etc.

Casa del Fauno, decorazione architettonica dell'adito ed elementi d'arredo - prospetto

ID: CA1_0093



Luogo non identificato, instrumentum domesticum - prospetto

ID: DY0_0328_0554