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Bases for honorary monuments in the Forum

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Preferred name: Bases for honorary monuments in the Forum

Type: public buildings


The Civil Forum of Pompeii was adorned with a considerable amount of honorary monuments, as generally were the fora of the cities in the Roman period. Indeed, since this square was the focus of the public and civil life, it was the most suitable place for the display of monuments dedicated to the enhancement or the remembrance of individuals, who stood out for particular contributions to the local community.
Such honorary monuments could be of different types and shapes. Among them there are several kinds of statues or the honorary arches. They could be dedicated to various public figures, from the members of the imperial family to members of the local ruling class.
Apart from the honorary arches situated in the Northern side of the Forum, flanking the Temple of Jupiter, there are several bases for statues spread around the open square and its porticos. Considering their position and the differences in size, they can be divided into three main groups: the bases located within the portico in front of the Macellum and the Eumachia building, the bases displayed in the Southern part of the Forum, including the two bases in the centre, and those arranged along the Western side.

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Location: Pompeii