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Porticos of the Forum

ID: 9183

VII, 8, 0

Preferred name: Porticos of the Forum

Type: public buildings


The oblong open square that constitutes the Civil Forum of Pompeii is surrounded on three sides by a portico. It consists of four different stretches of colonnade, that canbe easily distinguished on the basis of the different architectural features, such as materials used, orders and dimensions, and on the basis of their physical discontinuity: the Portico along the Western side, the Popidian Portico along the Southern side, the colonnades in front of the Eumachia building and that in front of the Macellum on the Eastern side.
The space in front of the Aedes Genii Augusti and the Sanctuary of public Lares is lacking of structures: only eight blocks in correspondence of the last building could have been set to support as many columns.
The colonnades have, except for the Popidian Portico, a depth of one row of columns and, mostly, two rows in height; the upper storey had a practicable floor in some points, accessible by four stairs spread into the Forum, at least in one phase of their life. The fine limestone stylobate is raised with respect to the pavement of the open area, with which is connected through a step. The step covers a gutter for rain water, fed by openings into its upper edge.

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Foro, colonnato sud est - veduta

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Foro, parte S, Edifici amministrativi - veduta

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Location: Pompeii