La Fortuna Visiva di Pompei
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Arch of Nero

ID: 8993

regio: 7, insula: 8

Preferred name: Arch of Nero

Type: public buildings


Located at the North-Eastern corner of the Civil Forum of Pompeii, just East of the Temple of Jupiter, it is one of the entrances to the public square. Presently deprived of the attic, it has a single fornix on two pillars. Two niches for statues and two fountains with basins are made in the pillars, respectively on the side facing the Forum and on the Northern facade. Architectural decorations revetted the 'opus latericium'. The limestone plinth, fragments of the marble columns that framed the niches and the fountains, and part of the marble plinth and pilasters that decorated the side facing the Macellum, are still preserved.

Location: Pompeii