La Fortuna Visiva di Pompei
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In the Digital Library you can browse the edited and inedited works, from which are taken the Iconographic sources of our Digital Archive.

The intention is to make available precious, rare and generally inaccessible material available and to contribute to the ordering, to the diffusion and to the conservation of our Cultural Heritage.

It joins edited works, which correspond to the Bibliographic Sources in the digital Archive (atlases, monographs, articles, treatises, archaeological guides, etc.), and inedited documents (manuscript volumes, pages, etc.), corresponding to the Inedited Sources in the Archive.

Works reproduced within this section are linked with the related Bibliographic and Inedited Sources stored in the digital Archive. Furthermore, many internal links connect single pages of the reproduced books and manuscripts with the Iconographic Sources in the Archive. By simply "flipping" through the reproduced volumes it is thus possible to reed the texts flanking the examined iconographic documents and to further deepen our knowledge through the information offered by the records in the Digital Archive.

All of the works reproduced in the Digital Library and in the Archive of "The visual Fortune of Pompeii" are subject to copyright and belong to various Institutions and Organisations that have allowed their publication.