La Fortuna Visiva di Pompei
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Explore the core of our Digital Archive: browse through the subjects of the visual documents representing the monuments of Pompeii.

Our Thesaurus of subjects, specifically created for this Project and available in Italian and in English, offers a detailed indexing of the graphic documents, which are particularly important for our research. Its normalized terms, hierarchically ordered into a tree, are used to define the type and subject of the Iconographic sources.

Within this section you can browse the Iconographic sources of the Archive through the subjects represented in the examined drawings, prints, photographs and other graphic resources.

  • After selecting Browse the subjects, you can create your personalized path, by coosing one or more terms from the Subject ontology.
  • The predefined Navigation paths give an overview of our Archive from the point of view of the "visual fortune" of Pompeii and its monuments.
  • Click on Thesaurus of Subjects to visualize the hierarchy of the thesaurus, to read the scope-notes of all terms and to view all related iconographic sources.