La Fortuna Visiva di Pompei
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In this section you can browse the Digital Archive through the indexes of Sources, of Names and of Places/Institutions.

The resources of our digital Archive pertain to five inter-related categories, corresponding to five types of record:

  • Iconographic sources: drawings, watercolours, engravings, etc., representing the antiquities of Pompeii;
  • Bibliographic sources: edited works from which the Iconographic sources are taken;
  • Inedited sources: manuscripts and other inedited documents containing Iconographic sources;
  • Monuments: ancient architectural structures of Pompeii, which are represented in the Iconographic Sources.
  • 3D models: tridimensional models reproducing the monuments of Pompeii.

Iconographic, Bibliographic and Inedited sources are related, using various roles (such as: author, drawer, engraver, etc.) to the authority file of physical Persons, comprehending a synthetic biographic record. Moreover, all of the resources of our Archive are linked, with different roles (such as: location, place of creation, etc.), to Places and Institutions, ruled by a hierarchical controlled vocabulary.

The Indexes of sources, of names and of places/institutions available in this section, permit to browse the Archive respectively: by type of record (Iconographic source, Bibliographic source, Inedited source, Monument and 3D Model); by name of the cited physical persons (authors, drawers, engravers, publishers, printers, etc.); by place-name of the cited places and institutions (localisation places, publication places, etc.).

The digital Archive is also accessible with a subject browsing in the section Explore, and from the simple or advanced search.